Is this Berlin's new Friedrichstraße?

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Art Walk'n'Ride

The historic city center deserves an Art Mile. Connect your phone to our audio tour and experience the artsy side of Friedrichstraße. We've invited local and international artists to tell their memorable Berlin story. Be invited to walk along the boulevard or enjoy a ride while taking your tour.

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The Revival of the Palace

The street in front of Friedrichstadtpalast is using the available space sufficiently, where pedestrians are in the foreground. Biophilic design and human centric approaches are incorporated for pedestrians to enjoy the space and its benefits.
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Green Boulevard

Welcome to the Green Boulevard! Trees will provide you with fresh air, shade and reduce the dust. Digital panels in front of the restaurants and stores can be used to place your orders right from the street. Enjoy also our new seating options along the boulevard while waiting for your delivery. And more safety for pedestrians is guaranteed, thanks to our artsy crosswalks.

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Checkpoint Charlie Revamped

Pedestrian only zones, for photos and video observations. Clear designation of bike lanes and crosswalks. Small pocket parks for resting and gathering. Cars are restricted from the areas in front of the site.
Runs on Unicorn Platform